Lore Details:
Warp: /warp blanetree
Location: Blanetree
House: Riverlands
Type: Keep
Construction Details:
Started: April 2013
Project Lead: Marken4
Project Type: Personal
Project Status: Completed

House Blanetree is a noble house in The Riverlands. Their arms are maple leaves, brown and green, on a field of yellow. The only member mentioned in the books is Zhoe Blanetree, a wife to Ser Tytos Frey. The coastal keep is located on the shore of the Cape of Eagles in the northern Riverlands, southwest of the Twins. Since little information is given about this family, the location is not canon, but could be supported by the marriage between the Blanetrees and the Freys.


  • The Keep is situated on a small hill on the coast. The lowest level of the keep includes a square courtyard with a well, stables, and storage. The open courtyard also has clotheslines strung from upper storey windows. Each level of the keep has different purposes, including barracks, the armory, and the lord's chamber. The small compact design of the keep fits the minor position of House Blanetree in the Riverlands. One of the towers is a designated latrine, with toilets on each level of the keep.
  • The Dock is situated at the base of the hill at sea level with a small path leading to the keep. A single house, presumably for a customs officer or dock manager is located near the dock.
Blanetree Courtyard

Courtyard of House Blanetree


Blanetree was approved in April 2013 and completed quickly by Marken4.


Since the build is quite small and unimportant, Marken doesn't site a specific real-life example, but does mention that it was inspired by Stokeworth and Darry, two other builds completed around the same time.