• Alchemists Guild, half-way up Street of the Sister towards the Great Sept of Baelor. Tall black, red, and brown towers. Completed by tsarkaiser84.
  • Bakers Guild on the Street of Flour with a orange brick and iron cupola tower near the southeast corner of the dragon pit. Sign at the bottom of the stairs reads "Est. 119 AC." Completed by GeneralNuggets.
  • Barbers, Surgeons & Apothecaries' Guild spans a street east of the Lion's Gate near the Sept of the Mother. Completed by Lyliana.
  • Bards' Guild
  • Blacksmiths' Guild, located half-way up the Street of Steel in the southwestern corner of the city. Outside are carts filled with various ores and coal. Completed by CaptScribble.
  • Brewers' Guild located directly south of Dragon Square on a small alley. Completed by tsarkaiser84.
  • Butchers' Guild, located near Fishmonger Square and the Hook in the south-central part of the city. Has a small square tower near a well and two meat cleavers instead of a sign. Completed by herm.
  • Carpenters' Guild
  • Cobblers' Guild located on Cobbler's Square in the northwest part of the city. Completed by Knight_Krawler.
  • Coopers' Guild
  • Cordwainers' Guild
  • Draper's Guild, located north of the Dragonpit, a few streets in from the walls in the north-central part of the city. Completed by tsarkaiser84.
  • Fishmongers' Guild
  • Fletchers' Guild
  • Glassblowers' Guild
  • Goldsmiths' Guild located on the square by the Lion's Gate in the western part of the city. Completed by benpwen.
  • Grocers' Guild, located in a small market square just south of the Gate of the Gods. Completed by NickShaiB. Includes a hidden sewer entrance.
  • Jewelers' Guild on the west side of Dragon Square next to Mason's Guild. Completed by Itspabs.
  • Masons' Guild on the west side of Dragon Square next to the Jeweller's Guild. Completed by Itspabs.
  • Merchants' Guild on the east side of Dragon Square.
  • Potters' Guild located by the Sept of the Father in southwest corner of the city, north of the King's Gate. Completed by herm.
  • Shipwrights' Guild
  • Tailors' Guild located on a side street northeast of the Dragonsquare. Completed by herm.
  • Tallow Chandlers' Guild locate on The Hook near the intersection with the Muddy Way. Has a sign saying "Est. 176 AC"
  • Tanners' Guild
  • Thatchers' Guild
  • Wax Chandlers' Guild located near the Sept of the Maiden in the northwest central part of the city. Completed by reygame.
  • Weavers' Guild

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