House Harte
Lore Details:
Warp: /warp harte
Location: Crownlands
House: House Harte
Type: Keep, Village
Construction Details:
Started: June 2014
Project Lead: Bafflemet
Project Type: Private
Project Status: Completed

House Harton, a minor house in The Crownlands sworn to House Buckwell of the Antlers, has a small keep in the village of Harton, deep in the Wellswood. Their sigil is three red hart's heads caboshed on a white bend on vair, which is very similar to House Buckwell. The only known member of House Harte is Elwood Harte, who remains loyal to King Joffrey. House Harte is located between Maidenpool and Antlers. They also manage a small hamlet and inn on the road from Duskendale. The song "Lord Harte Rode Out on a Rainy Day" is presumably about some former member of House Harte and was sung by Tom of Sevenstreams.


  • The Harte Keep a very small square stone keep, a miniature version of the classic Norman style of the Crownlands.
  • Harton, the main village of House Harte in the Wellswood.
  • Roadside Inn, on the road from Duskendale to Maidenpool. An important holding for House Harte.

Construction and Inspiration

House Harte and Harton were constructed in the June 2014, after being approved by starcat98, leader of Antlers. Bafflement completed the keep and village in cooperation with starcat98, using his application and build as inspiration. See Forum .


WesterosCraft Walks Antlers

WesterosCraft Walks Antlers

DutchGuard visits Harton in Episode 33 of WesterosCraft Walks as he tours Antlers and its surrounding lands.