Lore Details:
Warp: /warp hutcheson
Location: The Reach
House: House Hutcheson
Type: Castle
Construction Details:
Started: November 2014
Project Lead: jMp007
Project Type: Private
Project Status: Completed

Hutcheson is small noble house from The Reach situated south of Horn Hill. It guards a small pass into Dorne through Blackmont thanks to a system of beacons to signal attack. Their sigil has two red bendelets on gold with a red hand pointing to a sun, which could mean that they are used to warn of incoming Martell attacks.


Hutcheson on Imgur


  • The Main Castle, to the west of the town on a small hill, has a view on the pass to Dorne.
  • Holdfast 1, situated to the west of the castle, has a few houses and a beacon that is used to signal houses to the south which could be relayed to Oldtown of an incoming Dornish attack. There are also terraced farms near the hamlet. (/warp hshf1)
  • Holdfast 2, situated south of the castle in the pass towards Dorne, uses a beacon to warn the main castle of an incoming force. The hamlet is mainly comprised of goatherders and apple orchards dotted around (/warp hshf2)
  • Beacon to the north, just a small tower on a hill slightly north of the castle, used to signal Hornhill of a Dornish attack.


Construction lasted from November 2014 to February 2014, the time mainly taken up by building the castle. The first thing that was built was the main town and the last was the second holdfast. The crenelations along the roofed tower were subject to alot of changes since it was hard to get the right look. There is sadly no easter eggs on this build, only an abandonned house in the town because the rafters collapsed, which in reality was just the project leader who couldn’t be bothered to do the interiors. (See Forum )


Hutcheson Inspiration

Chateau de Foix, main inspiration for Hutcheson.

This castle was heavily inspired by the Chateau de Foix, situated in Ariege in southern France. Walls were added onto the build to make it more defendable. (See Application )

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