Lore Details:
Warp: /warp karhold
Location: The North
House: House Karstark
Type: Castle
Construction Details:
Started: December 2013
Project Lead: FlemishGuard, MrTXI
Project Type: Private
Project Status: In Progress
Karhold is a strong castle on the eastern side of The North and the seat of House Karstark, one of Winterfell's strongest bannermen and distant relatives. House Karstark's words are "The Sun of Winter," and their sigil is a white sunburst on black. House Karstark was created when Karlon Stark put down a rebel lord and was granted his own lands as a reward. Over the years, his seat, known originally as Karl's Hold became Karhold and the family name evolved into Karstark.


  • The Village, on a frozen river are a small docks with a few houses spread across a small bluff. A weirwood grows near the village and the road to the Karhold Keep.
  • Karhold's West Keep, the larger part of the keep sits high on cliff above the village. Both square and round towers surround a small courtyard. Within the keep is a wynch system to bring up water from the river below
  • Karhold's East Keep, across a narrow bridge is a much smaller keep, which includes the lord's chambers and apartments. This keep also has a wynch system similar to the western side of the keep.
  • Hamlets, the Karstark lands have several small hamlets and holdfasts to the south, such Flayer's End, the holdfast nearest the Bolton lands and Ramsfield, a hamlet.


Karhold was begun in December 2013 and the main town and keep were completed in Spring 2014. The surrounding lands, including several holdfasts and hamlets are completed, but a few hamlets in the overall planned have yet to be completed. (See Forum )


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Artist Franz Miklis' interpretation of Karhold

The main inspiration for Karhold came from an artist's interpretation, supposedly based on communication with GRRM about the layout and appearance of Karhold. (See Application ) The painting is by Franz Miklis .


WesterosCraft Walks Karhold-0

WesterosCraft Walks Karhold-0

Karhold was featured in Episode 5 of WesterosCraft Walks. DutchGuard begins on the frozen docks, tours the village, and explores both sides of the castle, providing excellent views of this beautiful northern build.
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