Mistwood with SEUS shaders taken by SMP
Lore Details:
Warp: /warp Mistwood
Location: Cape Wrath, Stormlands
House: House Mertyns
Type: Keep
Construction Details:
Started: November, 2012
Project Lead: SMP
Project Type: Personal
Project Status: Done
Mistwood is the seat of House Mertyns, located deep within the Rainwood of Cape Wrath in The Stormlands. There is nothing else known about this location, so some creative liberties had to be taken.


  • The tall trees surrounding the keep act as watch towers, linked by rope bridges, in lieu of normal towers attached to the walls.
  • A quaint lumber camp just south of the village, beyond a small pond.
  • Some campsites set up around the outer perimeters.
  • Extensive farms surrounding Mistwood.
  • A couple easter eggs for curious explorers.



Lumber camp just south of Mistwood

The goal during the construction of Mistwood was to make it feel rustic and quaint by modeling it after the idea of a starting town in a RPG. Inspiration from the video game towns from The Witcher 2 and Skyrim were used. The village has all the necessary shops found in a RPG town such as the blacksmith, alchemist, the general store, and a little lumber camp. Most walls you'll find in Westeros will have towers attached to them but in Mistwood the giant trees were used to create watch towers linked together by rope bridges.