Muddy Hall
Lore Details:
Warp: /warp muddyhall
Location: Riverlands
House: Blackwood
Type: Hamlet/Ruin
Construction Details:
Started: July 2013
Project Lead: AaBbAa11
Project Type: Private
Project Status: Completed

Muddy Hall is situated between the Red and Blue Forks of the Trident in the Blackwood Vale . It is part of the disputed lands between House Blackwood and House Bracken . Lord Jonos Bracken asks for what he describes as ‘the ruin of Muddy Hall’ in return for subduing Lord Tytos Blackwood during the War of the Five Kings.


The village contains six small hovels situated on either side of a road, each with their own garden. The main income of the village comes from their farming, so low stone walls surround a few small allotments scattered about near the houses, and a stone well stands just off the road to provide water. Additionally, there is a warehouse for the crops and a small animal-pen. There are also a few ruined houses scattered about. Further down the road one can find a two-story inn, sheltering travelers from the town of Fairmarket and the Blackwood Vale.


This was AaBbAa11’s first project. The build was simple, requiring no terraforming, and the whole process from plotting to completion took less than a month. After some discussion, it was decided to move Greenhill from a location further down the road to its current location, where it stands as a holdfast to defend the town of Muddy Hall from attack.


There was very little canon on this build, but the fact that it is referred to as a ruin and that it is called ‘Muddy’ Hall led AaBbAa11 to decide the build should be one of extreme squalor, meaning the houses were plotted as small and squat.

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