Lore Details:
Warp: /warp Oakenshield
Location: The Wall
House: Night's Watch
Type: Wall Castle
Construction Details:
Started: August 2015
Project Lead: ZeRamenGuy, Steineke
Project Type: Private
Project Status: Completed

Oakenshield is a wall castle lying to the east of Castle Black and west of Woodswatch-by-the-Pool. It was abandoned years before the start of the books, but is re-occupied by Tormund Giantsbane in A Dance with Dragons.


  • Towers, a barracks Tower and a collapsed tower for maester and head steward.
  • Feast Hall, an old feast hall with kitchens below.
  • Barn and Smithy, two smaller structures near the fort.
  • Tunnels, like Castle Black, tunnels connect different buildings and are used most during the winter.
  • The Wall, a jump puzzle goes from Oakenshield to the top of the Wall.


ZeRamenGuy created the layout and application, while Stein created the gradient tests and the destruction. The project was created solely by ZeRamenGuy and Steineke. Construction took two weeks. The barracks tower, feast hall and smithy were built first, for the gradient tests. The last part of Oakenshield to be built was the jump puzzle up the wall. (See Forum)

A previous version of Oakenshield can be found east of the graveyard at /warp castleblackold and consists of a cluster of small ruined towers surrounding a large tree. It was completed by Adlern in 2013. (See Old Forum)


Oakenshield took its inspiration from other Wall castles, primarily Castle Black and its wormways.

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