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Lore Details:
Warp: /warp parchments
Location: Stormlands
House: House Penrose
Type: Castle, Town, Hamlets, Holdfasts, Septry.
Construction Details:
Started: May 2015
Project Lead: NickShaiB
Project Type: Private
Project Status: Completed

Parchments is the seat of House Penrose, located in the northern Stormlands on Shipbreaker Bay. The Penroses have had many notable members including Lord Ronnel Penrose, who married Elaena Targaryen and served as Master of Coin, Aelinor Penrose, who married Aerys I, Ser Jon Penrose, who fought at Ashford Tourney and managed to unseat Tybolt Lannister, though he lost the duel, and finally Ser Cortnay Penrose, who served as the castellan of Storm’s End. During the Blackfyre Rebellion, the Penroses remained loyal to the Targaryens.



  • Castle Parchments, a pale castle located astride Shipbreaker Bay, it is a simple castle with numerous yards and strong towers. With a seawall on the northern side, a comfortable Lord’s Tower, a lush castle garden overlooked by the Maiden’s Keep, Castle Parchments is a comfortable yet stark castle.
  • Parchments Town, located outside the castle, the town contains a sept, a market hall and a number of barns and farmsteads.
  • The Old Motte, an old motte and bailey to the north which serves to overlook the northern forests, it’s hamlet and their respective pastures. The old wooden keep has been replaced by a stone one, and an old knight retains a small garrison there.
  • The Septry of Elaena, named for Elaena Targaryen, who sponsored the septry, this monastery is located off the coast of Parchments. Containing a simple sept, a chapter house, and a graveyard that is said to hold a number of prominent Penroses, it is an integral part of the Penrose lands. There is an old holdfast across the bay, overlooking another hamlet, which was used to keep Ironmen at bay.


Building commenced in May 2015 and proceeded at a decent pace, until the builder NickShaiB lost motivation. Building was resumed at a relatively swift pace in September, being completed before the month’s end.

(See Forum)


Château de Chillon - Montreux

Château de Chillon in Montreux, inspiration for Parchments

The primary inspiration for this build was the Chateau de Chatillon. This was chosen for two reasons. Firstly, it is a stark castle with a simple palette which the builder felt suited the Stormlands. Secondly, it had a similar palette to BantyRooster’s Haystack Hall, on which this build was also based. (See Application)


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