Lore Details:
Warp: /warp seagard
Location: Riverlands
House: House Mallister
Type: Castle and town
Construction Details:
Started: May 2014
Project Lead: Dav4 and lEcthelionl
Project Type: Private, co-op
Project Status: Completed

Seagard is the seat of House Mallister in [[The Riverlands. The fortress is located on the west coast of Westeros and is primarily responsible for preventing Ironborn reavers from reaching the coast of Westeros. Their blazon is a silver eagle displayed, on a purple field and their motto is "Above the rest."


Seagard on Imgur


  • The Booming Tower A tower designed to warn the inhabitants of the keep and town of impending Ironborn invasions
  • Village of Seagard, located east of the castle



An old version of Seagard.

This project took about 1.5 months to complete. Approximately 40 builders contributed to the completion of it. There are an abundance of secret passages and hidden doors all over the keep of Seagard; have fun finding them! (See Forum)

The previous rendition of Seagard was built by MrTXI about 2.5 years ago. (See picture)



Mont St. Michel, France. Inspiration for Seagard.

Seagard was based primarily off of Mont St. Michel, which has a very similar layout, purpose, and location. (See Application)


WesterosCraft Walks Seagard-011:23

WesterosCraft Walks Seagard-0

Seagard was featured in Episode 8 of WesterosCraft Walks. DutchGuard starts on the beach, visits several smaller towers, and finishes in the Booming Tower of the main keep after exploring the town.

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