Sept of the Mother

The Sept of the Mother is located near Cobbler's Square.

Sept of the Maiden

The Sept of the Maiden is located near the Old Gate, in the north central part of King's Landing.

Sept of the Crone

The Sept of the Crone is located along the Blackwater, outside the city walls near the docks, just west of the River Gate.

Sept of the Father

The Sept of the Father is located near the western wall of King's Landing, north of the King's Gate.

Sept of the Warrior

The Sept of the Warrior is located on the hillside north of the Red Keep.

Sept of the Smith

The Sept of the Smith is located half-way up the Street of Steel and northeast of the King's Gate.

Sept of the Stranger

The Sept of the Stranger is located in Flea Bottom, near the base of the Dragon Pit and the top of the Street of Silk.

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