Lore Details:
Warp: /warp buildname
Location: Region
House: House Smith
Type: Castle, Town, Etc.
Construction Details:
Started: Month Year
Project Lead: BuilderName
Project Type: Private, Server
Project Status: Completed, In Progress

Sow's Horn is the seat of House Hogg in the crownlands. It consists of a towerhouse made of stone whose walls are eight feet thick. It stands over land sworn to House Hayford. Sow's Horn sits near the border between the crownlands and the riverlands and is near the lands of House Wode, which are close to the God's Eye on a road to Harrenhal. Sow's Horn appears in "A Feast for Crows," when Ser Jaime Lannister meets with Ser Roger Hogg, the head of the household, who tells him that during the War of the Five Kings by both "lions" (Lannister men under the command of Ser Amory Lorch) and "white star wolves" (Karstark men in search of Jaime). This ambiguity of whether Sow's Horn swears allegiance to the riverlands or the crownlands is a clear recurring theme. The nearby Hogg Hall, is listed in the riverlands, whereas Sow's Horn of House Hogg is listed as in the Crownlands.


  • Sow's Horn, a small stone towerhouse.
  • Jaimie's Open Field, a field near Sow's Horn.



There is some confusion about how several builds are connected in this corner of the crownlands and riverlands, with much of the discussion happening in an application for Ivy Inn by discs. (See Forum). An earlier application by discs combined Sow's Horn and Hogg Hall (a large tithe barn burned by dragons in "The Princess and the Queen"), but later the builds were separated. (See Forum) An earlier redo of Sow's Horn was led by AtomicLama, but was never completed and was plagued by the same ambiguity of placement that this region has suffered. (See Forum)


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