TeamSpeak Address:

How to join

  1. Download and install TeamSpeak3.
  2. Launch TeamSpeak and go through the microphone setup wizard. Be sure to enable push-to-talk and NOT voice detection.
  3. After that, you will be looking at the default TeamSpeak window. One of the options at the top of the page will be Bookmarks. Click it and open up Manage Bookmarks.
  4. This will bring up a new window where you can manage all your server bookmarks. Press Add Bookmark and fill out the boxes at the bottom of the window. The server address is
  5. Press OK, and then use the bookmarks menu to join the server.


  1. USE PUSH TO TALK! Otherwise we will hear all your dumb background noise and it will drive us nuts.
  2. Having a shitty microphone is just as bad as having no microphone. If your microphone is of poor quality, please stay muted.
  3. If people are talking about important things, please take off-topic chat to another channel.
  4. Don't interrupt the person that is speaking. If you have to say something use the chat instead and type it.
  5. All of the server rules apply to TeamSpeak.