Lore Details:
Warp: /warp torches
Location: The Wall
House: Night's Watch
Type: Wall Castle
Construction Details:
Started: November 2015
Project Lead: carcinogenius
Project Type: Private
Project Status: Done

Torches is an abandoned wall castle lying to the east of Long Barrow and west of Greenguard. Lord Commander Jon Snow garrisons the abandoned castle with a small company from the Night's Watch in A Dance with Dragons.


  • Main keep, a small keep, abandoned and half-ruined. Occasionally used as shelter by the men of Night's Watch travelling between Castle Black and Eastwatch.
  • Service buildings, in ruins.
  • The Wall, featuring a collapsed entry to the tunnel and some remains of the staircase.


Torches was constructed by carcinogenius in November 2015. (See Forum) The old version of Torches completed by Lyliana can be found at /warp torchesold. (See Old Forum)


Torches took its inspiration from other northern builds and Wall castles, primarily Castle Black.

Fun fact: There's not a single torch in Torches!

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