Lore Details:
Warp: /warp upcliff
Location: The Vale
House: Upcliff
Type: Castle, Village
Construction Details:
Started: August 2014
Project Lead: Seashellbs & Jryanfish91
Project Type: Private
Project Status: Work in Progress

House Upcliff is a minor noble house located on the Fingers in The Vale, just south of the island, Pebble. The house sigil for Upcliff is a crashing cyan wave on a deep black background.

Features Edit

  • Upcliff Keep, Where the Finger's nobility reside, along with their small army.
  • Upcliff Town, Most of the population of this Finger lives here. There is an inn, a tavern, a sept, a lighthouse, and boat quay.
  • Overlook, An old holdfast built on the western entrance to the Finger.
  • HOLDFAST #1, A small soldier's barracks lying on top of a hill just above VILLAGE #2, protecting the eastern entrance of the Finger.
  • VILLAGE #2, A small village of soldier's families and quarry workers reside here around HOLDFAST #1.
  • Sheep Farms, Three large sheep farms are located around the Finger, all with small communities of workers living off the wool they sell.
  • Farming Hamlets, A few small to large farming hamlets are found throughout this Finger with large terraced wheat fields growing near the mountain's cliffside.
  • Quarries, Near the base of the Finger are two large quarries, the primary income source of Upcliff is its sell of stone to nearby locations.

Gallery Edit

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Construction Edit

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