When you're adding a new article, always remember to add infobox, containing most important information.

To add infobox go to Eddit (left upper corner below the article's title), click it and choose Classic editor. In classic editor change from 'visual' to 'source' (right upper corner) and add folowing code: without (nowiki) <div class= "Infobox Settlement"> {{Infobox |title = Pinkmaiden |first = /warp pinkmaiden |second = The Riverlands |third = House Piper |fourth = Castle |fifth = June, 18 2015 |sixth = tsarkaiser84, Veggie |seventh = Private |eighth = Completed |image = 2016-07-23 20.25.40.png |imagewidth = 220}}</div>

In first type place's name, in second region of Westeros in which it' s located, in third name of house it belongs to, in fourth type of build (castle, town, etc.), in fifth date of of construction's beggining, in sixth project leader/leaders in seventh type of project (solo/private/server build/mini build/hamlet/holdfast/other), in eigth status (Work in progress, completed), than add image ( first upload file to Wiki server and later add file's name here.

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